switzerland is my favorite part of europe youve got this bullshit triple entente shit to your left and the entire goddamn triple alliance to your right and youre sitting there just outside the battlefield switzerland does not have time for your world war 1 crap switzerland is strong

They avoided getting involved with their natural mountain defenses and the fact that, well

A HUGE PORTION of their populous had rifle training with the possible estimate of every household in the country owning a rifle, meaning that despite its relatively small official army, every citizen had the ability to defend themselves and the training to do it with.

When the Kaiser of Germany in World War I, during a demonstration of military maneuvers, asked a guest of the Swiss government what their 500,000 strong Swiss army could do against a 1,000,000 man Germany army

The guest promptly replied

"Shoot twice and go home"

To demonstrate how fucking crazy awesome Switzerland is, they also apparently have 300,000 detonation points across the country so that in the case that they do get invaded they can cripple infrastructure to prevent their enemies from using it.

i fear switzerland

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My mom just informed me that my first word was “quote” so I’m going to make sure my last word before I die will be “unquote”

you have been blessed with a rare and epic opportunity

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i love being naked but i hate how i look naked

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Title: Somehow feat. Bright Lights (Original Mix)

Artist: Dash Berlin & 3LAU

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please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

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i hear the sound in my head! lol i hate when i do this

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is that…..

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at work last week i was ringing up this guys order and when he signed i was trying to read his signature and i was like “is your last name Duck?” and he got really nervous and he was like “oh nobodys ever uhh noticed before…. i signed it as donald duck i always sign as donald duck im sorry”

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Always <3

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